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  • What is the main purpose of this charity?
    Firstly,in the region we work on three main issues: Children's school attendance, daily meals and treatment. Since health and education are directly linked to clean water, we open water wells to provide clean water.
  • Why should I trust you?
    In order to ensure trust, we share the aid we receive from the donator with the person via photos and videos on the same day. In this way, the donator is informed about where the money goes and how it is used.
  • How can I help kids?
    A student's annual tuition fee is currently $75. You can support them with education or buy them a daily snack. You can even talk to them online and help them improve their English in the future.
  • How to make online payment?
    We are still working on online payment and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the most secure system. For help, you can email us directly or text to our Instagram account.
  • Is it possible to see the kids?
    As long as our volunteer staff is with the children, you can see them. This is not easy since most children do not have phones, but it is not impossible either.
  • How does it work? How do you reach kids or villagers?
    We don't find them anymore, they find us. The local people and surrounding villagers apply to us and explain their situation. Our officers personally go to check the reality and urgency of the situation and prepare a report. This report includes the things needed and the general required amount. And we share the situation with our donators.
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